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Toejob Technique!

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Toejob Technique

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Toejob Technique - Toe Fuck

1. Toe Fuck:
Using this technique the woman is positioned with the soles of her feet together. Ideally, her heels and toe pads should be touching together and she should be at a height so he can easily insert his cock between them. In this position he will be able to fuck her toes and also cum on her toes.

Toejob Technique - Toe Jam

2. Toe Jam:
With this technique the woman needs to sit in a way that is comfortable for her, usually facing the man. She then strokes the length of his cock by sliding his cock between her toes, usually the big toe and second toe. She can stroke his cock with one foot or both and can make him cum on her toes so it oozes down her feet.

Toejob Technique - Double-Toe

3. Double-Toe
This technique is usually performed from a similar sitting as the Toe Jam. Both of the woman's big toes are used to stroke his cock. Each big toe is placed on each side of his cock and his cock is stroked by her toes in unison. This can also be done with the other toes.

Toejob Technique - Polishing The Helmet

4. Polishing The Helmet
Using this technique she holds his cock near the base with one foot and using the other foot rubs the head of his cock. This allows her to rub his cock using her toes and soles while also holding it in place with the toes of her other foot or while stroking the shaft of his cock and simultaniously rubbing the head.

Toejob Technique - Tippy Toe Rub

5. Tippy-Toe Rub
This is a technique better suited wit the man standing over the woman, but can also work with both participants in a seated or lying position. While he masturbates, she reaches up with her toes and rubs the tip of his cock. As he is stroking his cock she can rub the tip of the head with her big toe. She can also rub each of her toes along the head of his cock.

Toejob Technique - Toes Below Rub

6. Toes Below Rub
Similar to the Tippy-Toe Rub, the position for this technique works with the man standing or both man and woman seated or lying down. While he masturbates, she rubs his balls with her toes. She can also rub the base of his shaft with her toes and for an extra treat she can rub his balls with the toes of one foot, while rubbing the tip of his cock with the toes of the other foot.

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